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Pharmacies: The Heart of our Communities

Pharmacists are at the heart of our local communities and play an increasingly critical role as front line health professionals, providing unparalleled trusted care and advice to consumers.


Now more than ever, consumers value the personal contact provided by pharmacists to help them make informed health choices in conditions associated with chronic disease such as smoking cessation, enabling pharmacists to alleviate the burden on the overall healthcare system.  But the trend for greater consumer access to online health information and the ease of online product ordering has the potential to reduce the opportunity for consumers to access the value provided by pharmacists.


At Johnson & Johnson, we want to partner with  pharmacists to step up and play an even stronger role in the health and wellness of our communities, to meet the evolving needs of consumers. We believe it is our responsibility to advocate for pharmacists, to partner with them and to provide them with information and learning and development opportunities and to connect them to the resources they need now to continue to provide even greater care for their communities. We want to help pharmacists to continually broaden their knowledge and skill set, not only in relation to health but also in the new reality of e-commerce and digital communication.



Welcome to Pharmagenius - a personalised and easy-to-access digital hub for pharmacists  - providing tools and support to help pharmacists to embrace the latest digital technologies, to provide insights and accredited learning about health categories and products, and to create new value for their customers with their unique brand of pharmacist genius.



Pat Smallcombe

Company Group Chairman, Consumer Health EMEA